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Alison La Force, ND


As a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND), Dr. La Force was formally trained at the oldest 4-year naturopathic medical school in the country, the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). At this school, the first two years are similar to a conventional medical school. Training focuses on the basic sciences. In the second 2 years, instead of focusing on pharmacology, the clinical training focuses on hydrotherapy, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle habits, with pharmacology as a last resort. Using this training, she integrates these therapies to address the root cause of the body’s disease.

She started her journey in naturopathic medicine when she was having bladder issues. She couldn’t pee, and constantly felt like she had a bladder infection. She went to specialists and had imaging--no answers. “You’re fine,” was what she heard time and time again. It wasn’t until seeing a naturopathic doctor, and the root cause was addressed that she actually felt relief. After this, she dug deep into naturopathic medicine, and the more she learned, the more she wanted to know. That brought her to naturopathic medical school. After completing her education, she did a 1-year residency with her mentor, the late Dr. James Sensenig, in Hamden CT. Now, she is back in the Badger State bringing personalized, naturopathic medicine to her fellow Wisconsinites. 

Licensed naturopathic doctors are educated in basic sciences: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, embryology, microbiology, pathology, and clinical diagnosis, as well as modalities including pharmacology, minor surgery (think skin tag removal or wound care), gynecology, phlebotomy, IV therapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, holistic counseling, hydrotherapy,  environmental medicine, physical manipulation (Chiropractic). Licensed ND's have over 1500 hours of supervised clinical training.​​

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