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J.G. ~ Oregon
K.G. ~ Wisconsin
M.S. ~ Wisconsin
V.R. ~ Wisconsin


"I first reached out to Dr. La Force in hopes of resolving post-partum depression without medication. Dr. La Force discovered that I have a fruit intolerance which was likely leading to much of my fatigue and 
mood instability. Through Hydrotherapy, adjusting my diet, and by providing me with a remedy for the hard days, I finally began to feel human again with an energy I never thought possible with two little ones!" 


J.B. ~ Wisconsin

"I had been going to traditional doctors for over 20 years and my symptoms just kept getting worse. I had issues with anxiety, my stomach, my bladder, and extreme fatigue. Doctors always just told me I was overweight and that was causing most of my problems. They always were giving me tests and new medications and I just kept getting sicker. I finally gave up on them and went to Dr. La Force and she changed my health and my life. For the first time in 20 years I feel healthy, I'm able to be active, and my crippling anxiety went away. I'm so very grateful!"

J.S. ~ Wisconsin

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